Book Review: trans·fer·ence



Author: Ava Harrison
Date Published: Nov. 10th, 2016
Stars: 4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
POV: Dual, First Person

synopsis3The nightmares find me.
They steal my breath, slowly suffocating me.
I’m scared.
I want it to stop.
He’s supposed to help me.
Instead, he evokes something forbidden.
I know I should run.
But I can’t.
I’ve made my choice.
I want him.
There’s only one problem…
He’s my therapist.divider15016272_1358771380809430_1788450433577558333_odividerreview1

trans·fer·ence – n. in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, a client’s feelings for the therapist. May be used to understand the origins of the client’s emotional and psychological problems.

Suffering from a tragic loss and accident, Eve is slowly losing herself and needs help. That’s when Dr. Preston Montgomery comes in. They met at the hospital where she was admitted and sparks fly soon the lines are blurred. He offers her his calling card and Eve eventually called him for appointment.

Eve reminds Preston his painful past and of someone he failed to save. I needed more background from him, to get to know his character better other than a former film student turned psychologist. Preston’s loving and caring.

As for Eve, she is a bit frustrating because I wanted her to pull herself of out the funk and eventually she does. Her panic attacks are debilitating and add to that her hypochondriac mother.

The inner turmoil is crossing the line between right and wrong and job ethic which is falling for a patient or patient to therapist. Here comes the transference – Preston’s feels like his counter-transferencing to Eve and Eve is questioning herself if she’s projecting her feelings and abandonment issues  and comfort with Preston.So both Eve and Preston are battling for what they truly feels for each other or if they’re truly in love or just acting on transference. They both resisted falling in love but the pull was just to strong to keep them apart. They spent two days together to get theirselves out of each others system and parted for ten months.

How can I not have her? Just once. Maybe twice One taste. God, it’s wrong. I guess I’m a bigger asshole than I thought, but she’s pure temptation. Consequences be damned. – Preston

It was Eve decision to distance herself from Preston to become a complete woman, who deserves to be loved and worth risking for.

Although my heart hurts to walk away, I know I have to. Not only for my growth, but also for his. – Eve

And Preston thinks Eve’s right that she needs to have her space to figure out who she is and believe in herself.

Why do we fall in love with people we can’t have? Maybe I can’t have her today, but I have to have faith that maybe one day we’ll have a future. We are two pieces of a puzzle and eventually we will be put back together. – Preston

Eventually, love wins.The forbidden romance and the exploration of finding what’s the right thing to do, the struggle of resisting true love, and how rewarding self-healing. The book is truly a raw and emotional story I loved. Great read and thank you Ms. Ava! footer1


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