Book Review: Roots And Wings



Author: M. Mabie
Date Pub: Mar. 29th, 2016
Stars: 4.0 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Genre: Romance
POV: Dual, First Person

synopsis3Welcome to Wynne, population 3,401.

No billionaires. No professional athletes. No celebrities.

In this small town, current events are pondered in mirrors at the local salon or around crowded tables at the diner, and there’s a new couple to gossip about. A rough and tumble woman who works in her dad’s garage, not yet ready to spread her wings, shows the new guy in town what it’s like to finally have roots.

It’s your run-of-the-mill, sexy, Astro van driving dentist meets smart-ass, bass fishing tomboy in a story of real-life romance.

Low on drama. High on love.

Pull up a chair and stay a while.dividerreview1

This was such a cute and light read.

Dr. Vaughn Renfro moved to Wynne as the new dentist. “Mutt” O’Fallon‘s a twenty-six tomboy who worked for her dad’s auto garage. Her nickname was kind of degrading because com’on who wanted to be called after a dog? It started from her bastard grandfather who given her that nickname.

Vaughn was supposed to move with her girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend who cheated on him with his friend. He met Mutt when she shared her food with him ‘cus there’s no open diner or restaurant. From then on, their started a friendship that turned into something more. So this was really a friends-to-lovers book.

I realized I wanted her to love me, and I wanted to love her back, but also knew we had some time to kill between now and then.

I loved how they dated! It was simple like Vaughn grilling steak, boating, fishing, and they did dined at a fancy restaurant. I liked how Vaughn wouldn’t kiss her unless she told him her real name (I ain’t telling! :D). Vaughn was such a gentleman. I adored how he treated Mutt and refused to actually call her Mutt. Mutt’s an independent woman because she didn’t really have to mother figure to help her. She, her dad, and her friend Dean were her everything. She’s sweet and honest.

What is this Vaughn?
This is the beginning of everything

I loved their flirty banter. I can’t help but have a goofy smile whenever they exchange flirt. Cool read! and cute book cover too 🙂footer1


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