Book Review: The Trouble With Love



Author: Lauren Layne
Date Pub: Mar. 3rd, 2015
Series: Sex, Love, Stilleto #4
Stars: 4.0 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Genre: Romance, Second Chance Romance
POV: Dual, Third Personsynopsis3As Lauren Layne’s salacious Sex, Love & Stiletto series returns, a jaded columnist discovers a steamy way to get over an old flame: falling for him all over again.

As Stiletto magazine’s authority on all things breakup-and-heartache, Emma Sinclair writes from personal experience. Five years ago, Emma was Charlotte, North Carolina’s darling debutante and a blushing bride-to-be. Now she’s the ice queen of the Manhattan dating scene. Emma left her sultry Southern drawl behind, but not even her closest friends know that with it she left her heart. Now Emma’s latest article forces her to face her demons—namely, the devilishly sexy guy who ditched her at the altar.

After giving up everything for a pro-soccer career, Alex Cassidy watches his dreams crumble as a knee injury sidelines him for good. Now he’s hanging up his cleats and giving journalism a shot. It’s just a coincidence that he happens to pick a job in the same field, and the same city, as his former fiancée . . . right? But when Emma moves in next door, it’s no accident. It’s research. And Alex can’t help wondering what might have been. Unlike the innocent girl he remembers, this Emma is chic, sophisticated, and assertive—and she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. The trouble is, Alex has never wanted her more.dividerreview1A slow burn second chance romance.

Emma Sinclair and Alex Cassidy were once in love and about to be married but shit happened causing them to be apart for seven years until they came face-to-face at work.

As one of Stilleto magazine’s writer, Emma was all about breakups and heartaches. Fitting since she had her heart broken by none other than Cassidy, as Emma referred to Alex, who also happened to be the boss/ editor-in-chief of Oxford magazine, kind of a friendly rival of Emma’s magazine.

Emma’s boss was going to a three-month sabbatical which she appointed Cassidy as her temporary boss. (I felt like she was matchmaking because every one in the office knew their history.) This meant they’re going to be seeing each other more regularly although they work at the same building. When I usually read a second chance romance, the stories were usually love/hate relationship but with these two it was like frozen feelings. They didn’t hate each other and they didn’t love each other either. (They do it’s just forgotten).

“It was more like the blood froze. What you interpret as civil is more like … deliverate indifference. – Emma

“Do you ever think we broke each other? Because sometimes…. it’s like both of use are unable to feel.” 

Cassidy’s assignment for Emma was to write about her exes. He suggested doing a Twelve Days of Exes’ sort of thing since it’s the December issue. She actually thought it was a good idea to get closure or deliver a parting comeback. So she did. Joel was one of the guys she broke up with and actually proposed to her but she turned him down. I actually felt bad for him because he seemed like a great guy. He hope reconnecting with Emma but he knew she’s not the one for him as she is to him.

“I hope you find whatever you’re looking for. Or ditch whatever haunts you.” – Joel to Emma

Emma didn’t want to get married or had no intention of shackling herself to a man

“Because that happiness could be ripped away faster than a burst pipe could ruin your morning. And then you were left with nothing but a gaping hole where your heart should have been.”

Oh let’s not forget that Cassidy were also involved. Emma felt jealous and Cassidy wanted to see it again

“He waited for her to catch his eye. Waited to see that flicker of emotion he though he’d seen on her face when she’d saw him holding Danielle’s hand.” 

“The elevator doors opened and she stepped in without looking back. Of course she didn’t look back. She never did.”

They tried to distance with each each other because they knew they’re magnet and once they’re close, it was hard to keep them apart. To keep their personal feelings separate.

“Somehow you’re managing to pull me closer even as we’re further apart than ever, and I’m fucking tired of it, Emma.” – Cassidy to Emma.

Emma interviewed Cassidy as her 12th ex and it was painful. It just wanted them to get together already! At this point of story, Cassidy wanted to win back Emma but she didn’t want to get hurt again.

“When you think of our time together, what do you most remember?

“I remember everything.” […] “I still remember the jolt I got when you first touch my hand. I remember our first kiss, our first fight.” He took a deep breath. “I remember our last kiss, our last fight.”

“I remember us, Emma.”

But Emma didn’t include Cassidy on her article because she just couldn’t. Riley clarified to Emma that this article was his way of getting her attention.

“Sometimes I think I’s prefer you hate me. At least then you’d notice me.” – Cassidy to Emma.

Cassidy confessed that he was hurt when she didn’t include him but he realized those were that past and he’s not going to be her past but her future.

Once the truth behind why they were broken apart, the misunderstanding, Cassidy made it his mission to win her heart.

“What do you want?” 

“His eyes were earnest as he looked up her. ‘Love me?'”

I actually wanted to read her article. Color me intrigued but Emma changed the title to Twelve Days of Exes… And One Forever Love.

I like this book because they didn’t jumped into togetherness. They actually had to find and dig their buried feelings for each other and only then they deserved their HEA. ❤footer1


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