Book Review: Wait For It



Author: Mariana Zapata
Date Pub: Dec. 7th, 2016
Stars: 4.0 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
POV: Single, First Person

synopsis3If anyone ever said being an adult was easy, they hadn’t been one long enough.

Diana Casillas can admit it: she doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing half the time. How she’s made it through the last two years of her life without killing anyone is nothing short of a miracle. Being a grown-up wasn’t supposed to be so hard.

With a new house, two little boys she inherited the most painful possible way, a giant dog, a job she usually loves, more than enough family, and friends, she has almost everything she could ever ask for.

Except for a boyfriend.

Or a husband.

But who needs either one of those?dividerreview1

Daisy Casillas‘ twenty-nine who were raising her two nephews. Does her last name sound familiar? She’s Sal from Kulti‘s cousin and also Van’s best friend from The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. Her two nephews were both adorable and angels. I loved their relationship. Louie was such a happy kid. I seriously wanted to hug and play with him. Louie, Josh and Diana were more of  brothers and sister than aunt and nephews. The dynamic of their family was so beautiful. Diana loved them fiercely like a protective mama bear.

Dallas Walker was their forty-three year old neighbor. He’s going through a divorce. He’s a pretty loyal guy. Even when he didn’t love his soon-to-be ex-wife, he still respected their marriage. By that no women but he had a lot of admirers. Admirable.

Daisy and Dallas met when Dallas’ brother was being beaten at three in the morning. She rescued him and instead of thanking her, he was a jerk to her. Dallas was the coach of 11u baseball team. Diana couldn’t figure out if he liked her or not but they became friends. They eventually became more but it was really slow burn and I liked it that they were friends before they got into a deeper commitment. Dallas, jeez this dude was really a freaking good friend not only to Diana but to the two boys.

It’s like you’re purposely trying to get me to love you, Dallas. I swear to God. You don’t even want me to stick my hand down your pants. You want me to want it all.”

When they both gave in to their attraction, I was finally, finally celebrating. LOL. Diana was making sure that Dallas wanted to be in a committed relationship because he just got out of three-year marriage. When they were talking about the “spot”, I melted. Oh and his cute letters he put on her tip jar ❤

“You’re going to give it?”
Dallas only cuddled me closer to his chest so that I couldn’t look at his face. “I gave it to you a long time ago, Diana. In little pieces and then bigger pieces, and the next thing I knew, I didn’t have anything left in me, so I hope it’s enough.”
I drew back and glanced up at him, and I swallowed. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

For Dallas, Diana was the light of his life. *swoons*

“Diana, I love you, and every bone in my body tells me that I’m gonna love you every day of my life, even when we want to kill each other.”

Louie killed me on the epilogue. Gooey Louie, I really wanted to hug you. I really love Diana’s pet names for his nephews: Joshy Poo, Goo, Gooey Louie ❤ And Louie’s pet name for Diana, Buttercup ❤footer1


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