Book Review: Naughty Boss



Author: Whitney G.
Date Pub: Dec. 15th, 2016
Stars: 4.0 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Genre: Romance
POV: Dual, First Person


A steamy, office-romance novella from New York Times bestselling author, Whitney G…

He definitely wasn’t supposed to get that email… 

Subject: My Boss. 

Have I already told you that I hate my boss today?

Sexy as hell or not, this pompous, arrogant, ASSHOLE asked me to pick up his dry cleaning the second I walked through the door. Then he told me that I needed to take his Jaguar to a car wash that was ten miles outside of the city, but only after I needed to stand in a never-ending line to buy some type of limited, hundred-dollar watch.

I honestly can’t wait to see the look on his face two months from now when I tell him that I’m quitting his company and that he can kiss my ass. KISS. MY. ASS.

All those former fantasies about him kissing me with his “mouth of perfection” or bending me over my desk and filling me with his cock are long over. OVER.

Your bestie,

PS–Please tell me your day is going better than mine…

Subject: Re: My Boss. 

No, you haven’t already told me that you hate your “boss” today, but seeing as though you’ve sent me this email directly, I know now

Yes, I did ask you to pick up my dry cleaning the second you arrived to work to day. (Where is it?) And I did tell you to take my Jaguar to the car wash and pick up my thousand-dollar watch. (Thank you for taking five hours to do something that could be accomplished in two.)

You don’t have to wait two months from now to see the look on my face when you tell me you’re quitting. I’m standing outside your office at this very moment. ( Open the door. )

No comment on your “fantasies,” although I highly doubt they’re “long over.”

Your boss,

PS—Yes. My day is definitely going far better than yours…dividerreview1The format of this book was unique. 

Michael Leighton was the CEO of Michael Leighton Publishing and boss of Mya London. She’s the Executive Assistant of Michael.

Michael being rich, handsome, and a bachelor was a typical manwhore. He was always on tabloids about his ONS.

Mya was smart, sarcastic, driven, and hardworking assistant to Michael. She called him names behind his back through her emails to her bestie, Amy. Until she accidentally sent one of her emails enclosed with her fantasy about Michael. Opps. Mya was considering of resigning because Michael’s an a*hole who never actually said Thank You to her or she thought he doesn’t appreciate her. Michael doesn’t want Mya to quit so he sabotaged some reference calls from the companies she applied to. Michael’s reasoning for his behavior was because Mya aspired to be her own CEO  and Michael wanted that for her. At the end of the book, which a a year later, she’s the CEO of her own publishing 🙂

This was so short but I enjoyed it. footer1


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