Book Review: Twined Bond



Author: Emma Hart
Date Pub: Nov. 17th, 2016
Series: The Holly Woods Files #7 (last book)
Stars: 4.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Romance
POV: Dual, First Personsynopsis3

All is well in Holly Woods.

My best friend’s love triangle is now a happy little circle. My sister-in-law just gave birth to my gorgeous new niece who is the world’s best cuddler, and Nonna’s not on my back every ten minutes about the fact we’re getting married in one month.


Until the mayor’s niece—our baker for the wedding—commits suicide. At least, that’s what the note says. My gut says we’re talking a different kind of ‘cide.’ My gut also says I should stay well away, and in the interest of Drake’s sanity, I plan to.

But when life throws you an unexpected curveball… Sometimes the best laid plans need tearing up.

Even if you don’t mean to do it.

Happily ever after…

If Holly Woods survives this.dividerreview1

I seriously adore Noelle and Drake and knowing that this is the last book saddens me. I want more but all things come to end right? ugh.

Last book Drake and Noelle got engaged and in this book they’re preparing for their upcoming nuptial. With Nonna interfering and Noelle’s commitment issues will this wedding happen?

We actually get to hear Drake’s voice in this book and I loved Emma for that!!!!!

Droelle decided to get married with Trent and Bek being the two witness, but the wedding will still happen for formality.

“I belonged to you long before you put this ring on my finger, bella, and I’ll belong to you even if you ever take it off.”

After that, Noelle found out she’s pregnant. At first she’s scared because she thought she’s not fit to be a mother or rather she thought she’s thirteen in a thirty year-old body. Drake, being the awesome lover he was, assured Noelle that she’s going to be fine. That they’re both going to messed up but they’re be a great parents to ND aka Noelle-dash-Drake baby. He knew Noelle was scared but Drake wanted this. He wanted a baby and a family that he’ll love with everything he has.

“She has no idea, either. She has no idea how badly I want this. A real family that belongs to me and won’t be covered with lies and heartbreak. A real family that’s mine. Mine to love. Mine to protect. Mine to keep.”

The humor was one of the things I love about this series. Noelle, Gio, and Nonna. They always bring me a smile. Like,

“If I don’t shoot her, I’ll come back the daughter of a billionaire in my next life. If I shoot Jessica, I’ll come back as a bee or something.”

And when she got the parrot drunk because she felt he’s being left out. Misplaced caring. Droelle’s one of the sweetest, funny, and lovable couples I’ve ever read.

“I love you so much right now,” Noelle whispers, pressing her lips against my chest.

I ghost my hand down her body before letting my thumb brush against the side of her stomach, right above her hip. If only she knew… “I love you so much all the time. Even when I don’t want to like you.”

Upon preparing for the wedding, Droelle visited Honey, the cake maker, and they found her lying on the floor with a gun on hand and blood everywhere. Then the majority of the book was about solving the murder. Until Noelle got shot. Drake was so emotional and you got a macho, alpha detective sobbing. Awww baby..

“You’re the center of my fucking universe, woman. You’re everything to me, and without even considering our children, losing you would kill me. Do you understand that, Noelle? I thought I’d lost you. This time I thought it was for real. I thought I’d lost my entire fucking world and more because you decided to be a hero and swing by the apartment instead of coming straight to me. Hours—fucking hours—after you promised me you wouldn’t do it again.”

They found out they’re having twins. YAYYYYY! The epilogue was the sweetest. The twins were each of the gender named Alessia Liliana (after Nonna) and Antiono (after Noelle’s dad). And Bek and Brody got engaged! Woot Woot!!!

“I lean into Drake’s side and look around at everybody. This is it—my wild, crazy family, with our fights and our fuck-ups, our laughs and our jokes, our friendship and, most importantly, our love.”

I’m going to miss these characters. Cue separation anxiety*

(My review of Burning Bond book #6 Bek and Brody’s story)footer1




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