Book Review: The Jerk Next Door



Author: Komal Kant
Date Pub: Dec. 27th, 2016
Stars: 4.0 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Genre: Romance, Rom-Com
POV: Single First Personsynopsis3

There was a naked man sprawled across my front yard.

Not half naked. Not metaphorically naked. Literally stark, bare-butt naked.

Single, lacking cooking skills, and too awkward to function, Isla Matthews is content to spend her nights alone, curled up on the couch with her cat.

When she’s not knee-deep in the personal lives of her embarrassingly zany friends, she can be found struggling to keep afloat the cute, little flower shop her parents left her after their deaths. Having thrown aside her dreams of being an artist, Isla’s almost convinced herself she’s happy with her safe, comfortable routine.

That is until a super-hot, Australian man shows up naked in her front yard—her new neighbor, Leo Wayland.

As far as Isla’s concerned, Leo is the stuff that neighbor nightmares are made of. An irritating, free spirit with no boundaries, he eats her food, uses her hot water, and, worst of all, saunters around shirtless, causing her to have all kinds of inappropriate thoughts about him.

But as much as Leo rubs her the wrong way, Isla can’t deny that he is filling up her lonely nights with his annoying smirks, making her laugh again, and daring her to change, one day at a time.

Maybe, just maybe, Leo Wayland is exactly the smoldering intervention Isla needs to get her life back on track…dividerreview1

Isla found Leo buck naked in front of her house. It’s was their hilarious first meeting. Leo’s an Aussie, rich son of a TV executive, and dorky. He’s adorableee! He has no boundaries like when he opened Isla’s mail, drunk her OJ, entered the house without permission, and showered at her bathroom. He liked getting naked in front of Isla, which Isla really liked. Because who wouldn’t check out an Aussie with an accent and the owner of killer abs? yeap.

Isla inherited her parents flower shop called Florista. She’s drowning in debt and employed her friends, Jac, Henley, and Arun. They’re freaking funny together like:

“Did you see his, you know, Down Under?”

“Sometimes you hiss when you don’t agree with something. I’m never sure if you’re trying to be an angry cat or some type of sexually frustrated snake.”

“Oh, no, it’s Scott! Hide me!” Panicking, I threw myself down on the floor, hoping Scott hadn’t seen me.

“Oh no, where did she go?” Arun said sarcastically. “It’s like she vanished into thin air.”

Isla’s the most awkward woman especially when she’s around Leo. Her awkwardness created a lot of funny moments between them…

“Your arms, uh, look great also!” He smirked, and I fumbled for something else to say. “Uh, your abs, no, your elbows. Beautiful.”

Oh lawd! and let’s not forget the over-confident Leo. He just reeked “cocky”.

“I live next door. I should be inspiration enough.”

I loved him because he made Isla see and enjoy life more. He made her  bloom (no pun intended). He gave her inspiration to make her life colorful by giving her what she really liked and that was painting. ❤

So yeah, Isla and Leo were both freaking cute together. Their relationship was kind of a relationship best friends have but more intimate. I liked it!

“Thank you,” I whispered, my heart full. “If every naked man that turned up in my front yard was as amazing as you, I’d be the luckiest woman in the world.”
The smile never faltered from his face. “And if every girl worked as hard to impress me with her culinary skills the way you do, I’d be in hospital with food poisoning at least twice a week.”

I want Arun and Henley’s book. You would think Arun’s gay the way he dresses and exaggerates stuff but nope the boy’s straight and has the hots for Henley.

Thank you author for this funny rom-com! I’m in need of this kind of book these days. Low angst too. 😀 footer1


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